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Tonight: 12:04 AM

Watch a new ‘Moonlight’ episode tonight! As always on CBS at 9pm ET. Here the synopsis for episode 8 called ’12:04 AM’:

Mick protects a frightened young woman from a killer’s cult followers after they vow to avenge their leader’s dying wish that those responsible for his execution be put to death.

To pass the waiting time check out Beth’s Journal at the official CBS site, vote for ‘Moonlight’ at the People’s Choice Awards as your favourite new TV drama series or read a very interesting interview with Sophia Myles on all things ‘Moonlight‘:

Sophia Myles Moves To America Television For Moonlight, from MediaBlvd Magazine, November 11

MediaBlvd> How are you handling the work load?
It’s all very new and exciting for me. You just have to make a really concerted effort to take care of yourself. It’s all about the vitamin C, and lots of water. It’s really grueling on you, mentally and physically, so you have to take care of yourself, otherwise you’re just going to be dead.

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Tonight: The Ringer

Watch ‘Moonlight’ tonight! The episode is called ‘The Ringer’ and it will feature Shannyn Sossamon making a proper appearance for the first time – other than just in flashbacks that is. Be sure to tune in to find out more!


Mick experiences déjà vu when a fire investigation that destroys a historic Hollywood hotel seemingly replicates the night Coraline died. Mick’s sense of nostalgia grows when a woman he is working with bares a striking resemblance to his ex-wife.

Watch Episode preview as well as an exclusive clip. Also if you’re new to the show watch Moonlight for Dummies to catch up lol.

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Sophia among TV’s Hottest New Faces

Many thanks Samantha for this info: TV Guide Channel names Sophia Myles (and Alex O’Loughlin) among TV’s Hottest New Faces. I am always on the lookout for new video clips so could anyone please send in a clip of the special. Check listings for re-runs.

Also if you were able to record last week’s 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Supernatural TV – also on TV Guide Channel – could you please send in a clip of the Sophia part? I’d love that a lot 🙂

While trying to find more info on this I also learned that additionally, Sophia Myles is one of AOL Television‘s 15 Hottest New Fall TV Faces.

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Tonight: B.C.

Friday again! Today episode 6 of ‘Moonlight’ will air on CBS at 9pm ET. As was episode 4 ‘Fever’ it appears to be a much-hyped episode. To find out what it is all about – and especially what the title ‘B.C.’ stands for – be sure to tune in.

Check out the preview trailer and an exclusive scene (no Sophia, though).


Mick finds himself working with Beth again when the search for a mysterious vampire from Josef’s past is linked to a drug overdose she is investigating.

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Alert: TV Guide

Thanks to SONATA14 from the forum at Moonlight Fans. TV Guide Channel has some interview footage with Sophia Myles in their hour-long special ‘25 Things You Didn’t Know About Supernatural TV‘. It’s on this week a number of times. Can anyone please please send in a video for the site’s video archive? I’d really love that.

Monday 10/29 10p.m.
Tuesday 10/30 8p.m.
Wednesday 10/31 3:00p.m.
Thursday 11/1 2:00p.m.
Saturday 11/3 3:00p.m.
Sunday 11/4 2:00p.m