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Viking boat Launch

The boat launch took place as announced. This is what organiser Gill Young has to say:

“It was as glorious sunny day at Richmond and Sophia did us proud – she was really fantastic with the children in particular, who dressed up in Viking costume to lead the procession down to the waters edge, most of whom was from her father’s (Rev peter Myles of St John the Baptist Church Isleworth) Sunday School!! It was a great moment for them to meet “lady penelope”! Sophia named the boat and later went on the boat for its maiden voyage!”

According to the press release, Sophia said:

“This is definitely one of the most unusual launches I’ve been to! When my father & David asked me to name the boat I was delighted to take on the role – the boat’s name is perfect – the golden figurehead is really stunning. I’m so impressed by David’s dedication – it just shows what can be achieved if you pursue your personal dreams! I’m sure that many watching today will be inspired by his example!”

Read the full press release here and view some pictures. Thanks Gill Young for everything!!

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Sophia Myles to name Viking boat

Coming Saturday, Sophia Myles will officially name the Viking boat ‘Lille Draken’. This is an excerpt from a news report (Richmond and Twickenham Times):

On Saturday June 18 at noon, at Richmond boat house, Richmond Bridge, film star Sophia Myles from Thunderbirds will officially name the boat. Her father, Rev Peter Myles of St John the Baptist Church, Isleworth, will bless the vessel, in keeping with naval tradition.

More about the boat:

“David Jones, of Avenue Road, has spent the past year building the replica Viking boat using traditional materials such as green oak and sweet chestnut planks of wood, along with tar and linseed oil to seal the exterior. The boat, called Lille Draken’ – or Little Dragon’ in Norse – is 21ft long, 5ft wide and only 1ft deep. It features a striking gold-leaf, carved dragon figurehead, wrought iron keel band and a carved tail piece. A large sail with Viking detailing will be unfurled when the boat reaches water.”