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Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Screencaptures

I am so sorry for my delay in bringing you the latest pictures of ‘Moonlight’ but here we go.

News on the series itself sound promising! After a short break over Thanksgiving – that allowed Sophia Myles to jet to London and quickly see her family and friends for the first time since July – cast & crew are busy shooting episode 12. As we all know this is the last script because of the writers’ strike and might actually really be the season finale. However, read what Les Moonves, CBS Corp. president & CEO, said at the 35th annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York on December 4: two freshman shows (‘Moonlight’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’) are likely to return next season source. Sounds good to me!

Also thanks mrfg for informing me that the series has been airing in Brazil for about a month now. It’s on The Warner Channel, 10 pm, every Wednesday. So, be sure to tune in!

002 Moonlight – Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Promo thanks to Moonlight Fans
373 Moonlight – Episode 9: Fleur de Lis – Screencaptures
001 Moonlight – Episode 10: Sleeping Beauty – Promo thanks to Moonlight Fans
004 Moonlight – Wallpapers

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Release Dates & Gallery updates

Tomorrow, ‘Tristan & Isolde’ is being released in German and Swiss cinemas and on Friday in Austria! The German official site.

The ‘The Hades Factor’ Region 1 DVD will be released on July 25, 2006 . Pre-Order DVD

And some gallery updates:
009 Official Wallpaper (Tristan & Isolde and Doctor Who)
007 Doctor Who – On Set
005 Tristan & Isolde – Stills (2 are now in HQ)
002 Tristan & Isolde – On Set
002 Tristan & Isolde – Artwork (Replaced 1 with HQ version)
002 Fanart sent in by Christopher

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‘Art School Confidential’ Press

Unfortunately, the critics aren’t warming to ‘Art School Confidential’. They seem to know nothing else than to compare it to ‘Ghost World’. Well, here’s an article about director Terry Zwigoff’s reaction to all this:

Zwigoff is oddly confidential

As for Sophia Myles’ performance as Audrey things aren’t exactly better:

“Harder to reconcile is the fact that Audrey remains as much a cipher to us as she does to Jerome.”
“Sophia Myles, meanwhile, spends most of the movie mooning over whatever young man is nearest, and posing demurely nude.”

It seems that her character has suffered from the editing and thus remains rather onedimensional.

“Plenty is likewise excised from his original cut of Art School, which is a half-hour longer than the 102-minute theatrical version. Missing, he says, are non-plot-driving moments that help explicate the character of Jerome’s muse, a haughty model played by Sophia Myles.”

Some official Wallpaper

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‘Art School Confidential’ trailer & more

The trailer for ‘Art School Confidential’ is out. Thank you Steven and everybody else who informed me about this! View it at: ComingSoonNet or download the quicktime version here.

Also, the movie will be shown at the New York Comic-Con, a comics convention which is set to debut Feb. 24 – 26 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. The screening for ASC takes place on Saturday, February 25 from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are required – but only 350 people will be let in. Info at NyComicCon.

I’ve installed a new and improved gallery script. However, the gallery layout adapted to the main site’s look isn’t working anymore. So, for the time being we have a different one – just so you know.

I added 2 official wallpapers with Sophia Myles. 1 from Underworld and 1 from Underworld: Evolution. Even though Sophia didn’t shoot any scenes for Underworld: Evolution she is listed in the credits. I’ve been told she appears in flashbacks.